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Explore the impact of ResHub’s resident experience platform, social engagement technology and the negative effects of social isolation, and how technology can empower a happier, healthier senior living experience.

ResHub’s Software is Based on Published, Peer-Reviewed Research

“The concepts of ‘resident experience’ follows from the concepts of patient experience. Resident experience pertains to the ‘lived experience’ of residents in [assisted] living facilities. It concerns their overall quality of life and level of fulfillment.”

Source: Cahill, J., McLoughlin, S. (2019). IoT/sensor-based infrastructures promoting a sense of home, independent living, comfort and wellness. Sensors 2019, 19(3), 485.

“Wellness management should consider a patient’s biological, psychological and social health…[Technology] will enhance patient experience and wellness, along with improving staff professionalism.”

Source: Cahill, J., Power, D., Mackey, G., & McLoughlin, S. (2018). New technologies supporting patient re-enablement, wellness monitoring and staff professionalism. Age and Ageing, Volume 47, Issue suppl_5, 1 September 2018, Pages v13–v60.

“The design remit for [resident engagement] technology is to enable a resident experience that is similar to living at home. New technologies should facilitate wellness and communication/connection, and not simply risk assessment.”

Source: Cahill, J., McLoughlin, S., & Wetherall, S. (2018). The Design of New Technology Supporting Wellbeing, Independence and Social Participation for Older Adults Domicile in Residential Homes and/or Assisted Living Communities. Technologies 2018, 6(1), 18 pp 1-33

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