April 11, 2023

How to Use Senior Living Software to Improve Staff Efficiency

How to Use Senior Living Software to Improve Staff Efficiency

Staff shortages and high employee turnover have plagued the senior living industry for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the issue. As a result, senior living employees feel overworked and burnt out, which negatively impacts the consistency of care. 

ResHub was founded on a resident-focused belief. We’ve created senior living software that empowers residents to tailor the day their way while providing the entire resident ecosystem–caregivers, staff, and family–with the tools, data, and resources to deliver exceptional care. ResHub’s features can increase the connection between residents and staff members, as well as increase community revenue with higher occupancy rates, automated service delivery, and increased employee efficiency. 

Traditional workforce management is a thing of the past, and senior living operators across the globe are searching for a unique approach to make their community stand out from the rest. That differentiator is often tech-based. By utilizing a streamlined data platform and work management system like ResHub, your staff can curate helpful insights to improve care and minimize rote tasks. They have more time for the task they love–caring for residents–which leads to higher satisfaction and less turnover. 

Removing Communication Barriers

A recent survey found that 97% of employees believe communication impacts their ability to complete daily tasks, and these communication barriers could cost businesses around $37 billion a year. However, it’s estimated that improved internal communication can improve organizational productivity by as much as 25%.

Communication is at the core of ResHub’s software solutions. We can create a communication hub for your senior living community, so management and staff, residents, and families can stay connected regarding care, services, and needs.

Delivering Solutions to Increase Productivity

ResHub’s senior living software solutions allow your community and staff to streamline daily tasks and administrative duties that take time away from caring for residents. Our unique interface presents helpful tools to drive productivity, prevent staff burnout, and increase the amount of time staff members have to spend connecting with residents while creating an enhanced resident experience.

Digitized workflows simplify maintenance requests, satisfaction surveys, messaging, and visitor management all reduce employee fatigue and burnout. At the same time, access to critical operational reports and dashboards provides resident insights to further enhance care and daily life. 

Improving Staff Management & Efficiency

86% of employees reported a lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main cause of workplace failures. ResHub offers a simple way to collaborate as a team in your community, thanks to our easily accessible interface and customizable platform options. Using our StaffHub module, staff members can receive a daily to-do list, as well as a list of activities, events, resident needs, and maintenance requests that create a sense of community knowledge and efficiency. 

In addition, staff members can look at resident analytics and insights at the press of a button, helping them get to know their residents on a personal level to increase connection and help anticipate care needs. Staff dashboards simplify scheduling, resident visits and staff  workflows, providing a unique hub of information and making them more efficient.

Beyond individual resident data, our senior living software shows data and analytics regarding the work of the senior living community as a whole. This helps employees better understand the efficiency of their own organization.

Creating Opportunities to Improve Operations

Perhaps the most transparent and communicative aspect of ResHub’s senior living software is the survey center, which allows organizations to develop insightful questionnaires to send to residents, families, and staff to gain a better understanding of operational successes and challenges. 

When team members have the opportunity to share their opinions, it creates a stronger sense of workplace togetherness and allows for a healthy environment among coworkers. This creates a unified team striving to work together toward a common goal of creating a resident experience that goes above and beyond expectations. 

Growing Community Revenue

The more employees who leave, the more significant the financial impact for your organization. This not only includes direct costs but can also cause indirect costs related to training, lost productivity as well as the deterioration in overall engagement and morale.

ResHub’s senior living solutions alleviate workload, increase communication, and encourage staff retention. Lower employee turnover results in a better experience for the residents, which can boost occupancy. 

In addition, our resident experience platform allows your community to curate a list of a la carte services inside and outside the community. Our integrated payment system makes it easy for family members to order and pay, and operators can choose to take a small percentage of this revenue to further augment costs.

ResHub’s global perspective provides a research-oriented approach to senior living solutions that help communities improve and grow. An exceptional resident experience starts with the community and staff delivering it. ResHub created our senior living software to drive preference, choice, and purposeful living for residents; in turn empowering staff with the tools, knowledge, and data they need to improve care, operations, and productivity.