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You are in control of the resident experience

Residents Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

Support for all devices from Android, iOS and Windows. Residents can decide to maintain full control or enroll in our Device Manager, depending on care setting and resident wishes.

Use your own tablets or devices

Utilise devices previously purchased, ResHub's Device Manager can take full control and provide piece of mind.

Fully Curated ResHub Tablet

We offer a range of tablet for every budget, from lower end android devices, to high end Samsung and iOS devices.
We fully control and lock down tablets to keep your information secure.

ResHub Deployment Options

ResHub is a highly modular platform looking to support every size of operator in Retirement Living, Homecare and Skilled Nursing.

We will work with you to provide a highly customized and curated experience that will further act as a market differentiator for your business, while being understanding and supportive of budgetary needs.

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Small Providers
Resident / Per Month
    • Customizable Feature Set
    • Priced to suit your needs
    • Free Family App
    • Social Media Integration
    • Maintenance
    • Landing Pages
    • Free Family Chat & Video
    • Free Visitor Scheduling
    • Free webhook integrations
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Small and Medium Providers
Custom / Per Month
    • Everything in ResHub Go
    • Branded Staff/Resident Apps
    • Free API Access
    • 3 Free Integrations
    • No Add. Services Module Fees
    • Data Platform access
    • Custom Resident Tablet Skin
    • Free 24 Hour Support
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White Label⠀⠀
Medium and Large Providers
Custom / Per Month
    • Everything in ResHub Cloud
    • Fully Branded White Labelling
    • Dedicated Environment
    • Dedicated Support Team
    • Custom Family App
    • Dedicated Outcomes Team
    • Dedicated Additional Services & Marketing Consultant
    • Free IPaaS Data Pump
    • Custom Pricing to suit your needs
Contact us

Contact us for a demo of our fully whitelabelled family app and learn how relatives can be kept up to date with no effort from staff.

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