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Reinventing Interactions

ResHub’s resident engagement platform extends social wellbeing past the four walls of a senior living community. It keeps residents connected to their families and community and gives them an active role in their wellness journey. By adopting a holistic approach to wellness, our platform maps to three interconnected indicators of wellness – biological, psychological, and social. Our senior living software solution maintains a focus on the resident, enabling staff to deliver a personalized experience based on each resident’s experiences, needs, and feelings.

Rather than provide a standard directory of information, calendars, and notifications, ResHub is an integrated platform with an intentional focus on social opportunities, interactive communication, personalized services, and unique experiences that drive connection inside and outside the community setting.

With seamless integrations and customizable features, ResHub puts connection, engagement, and information in the hands of the residents, families, and team members.

Reinventing Interactions

Customize ResHub to Your Community’s Needs

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Easy-to-Use Experience Software

ResHub’s resident experience platform prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, making it easy for users to confidently and successfully tailor their own senior living experience. With the ability to access family and friends, events, and services, residents feel connected to those around them, validated in their opinions and needs, and delivered a personalized wellness experience.

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Empower Staff & Optimize Workflows

By putting critical information and operative tools at the fingertips of staff members, ResHub’s digitized workflows simplify staff communications between families and residents. Maintenance requests, visitor management, satisfaction surveys, and operational dashboards provide resident insight and streamline reporting.

ResHub allows staff to tailor the workday to their team’s schedules, operations, and management to reduce employee burnout and fatigue. The result? More time and energy to put towards fostering relationships with residents.

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Boost Sales & Marketing

ResHub promotes connectivity with your senior living community and the surrounding area in a digital and innovative way. Partner and engage with local businesses to offer additional services through the platform, create opportunities for referral traffic, and encourage residents and families to leave online reviews, bolstering your community’s reputation.

Our data platforms provide analytics to help communities better understand the efficiency of their own business, decide on target audiences, and review results almost instantly.

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Connection Hub for Residents, Family, and Staff

Loneliness and social isolation in older adults continue to be serious public health concerns. ResHub is based on relationship-centered care to create an affordable, individualized experience that meets a resident’s biological, psychological, and social needs.

ResHub’s resident experience platform puts residents in charge of their days, empowers them to lead active daily lives, and connects them with those around them. Residents can send maintenance, medical, and service requests at the click of a button, creating a seamless ecosystem that ensures individual needs are met efficiently and effectively.

In addition, ResHub invites families to join their loved ones on their senior living journey. Families aren’t waiting on the sidelines for updates but are actively involved through two-way communication.

Create Revenue-generating Opportunities

Create Revenue-Generating Opportunities

ResHub empowers family members to be actively involved in tailoring a resident’s experience and pay for additional services through the platform. Your community can curate a list of a la carte services inside and outside the community, while ResHub’s integrated payment system makes it easy for family members to order and pay – extending social wellness beyond a resident’s four walls.

While enhancing the resident experience, operators can choose to take a small percentage of this revenue to augment costs.

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The team at Reshub is a pleasure to work with. The platform is adaptable and has helped us centralize our activities calendars and save time and streamline processes

Emma Bryden, Brand & Marketing Director, Loveday & Co

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