An Elevated Resident Experience

Entertain. Engage. Enable. Empower.

ResHub is an easy-to-use fully integrated “hub” that connects residents, families, staff, and service providers.  It entertains, engages, enables, and empowers your entire ecosystem to create the exceptional and personalized experience your residents have earned. More than an efficiency tool that operationalizes community workflows, it is the platform you need to promote positive wellbeing, reduce feelings of loneliness, and involve families in a loved one’s life more efficiently. 

Born in Europe and now operational in five countries, this award-winning resident experience platform makes it easier to prioritize resident wellness, care, and engagement; streamline operations; and boost occupancy.

ResHub - How we help our communities

Customize Your Connection Hub

Residents want to be individually known, easily heard, and connected to friends, family, and the local community. ResHub includes seven pre-integrated modules to make sophisticated personalization simple and seamless.  You can even white label the ResHub modules making them an integral part of your market brand. 

Empowers residents to tailor the day their way – reducing isolation, maintaining family relationships, and connecting them to the community, medical care, and services. MyHub gives residents fingertip access to events, calendars, entertainment, games, information boards, family and friends, and services to:

  • Boost independence and self-advocacy 
  • Enhance wellness and health outcomes
  • Connect easily to available services

Engages families through video calling, picture and message sharing, calendar scheduling, and service purchases. The platform’s Additional Services and Gifting module helps family members tailor a resident’s experience and pay for additional services through the platform. Plus, access to resident health and wellbeing information provides true transparency for those who need it. This module offers families the ability to:

  • Maintain strong relationships 
  • Gain full transparency and connection to community life 
  • Receive proactive updates

Experience operational excellence with more meaningful interactions. ResHub streamlines lifestyle management workflows, removes costly manual effort, and enables staff to enhance offerings with powerful insights into program popularity and resident engagement rates. Visibility into critical operational reports and dashboards provides resident insights to further improve care and daily life, while access to third-party services and modern payment models helps staff to:

  • Spend more meaningful time with residents while reducing employee burnout
  • Update families proactively
  • Create a new revenue stream for operators

Creating Opportunities for
Purposeful Living

When you know what you’re doing each day and why you’re doing it, you are living purposefully. Unlike other resident engagement platforms that provide a repository for information, ResHub creates a virtual ecosystem to help the resident feel connected, valued, and in control of their days. ResHub focuses on the resident experience, allowing staff to deliver a uniquely personalized experience based on wellness, needs, and feelings.

The team at ResHub is a pleasure to work with. The platform is adaptable and has helped us centralize our activities calendars and save time and streamline processes

Emma Bryden, Brand & Marketing Director, Loveday & Co

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