Creating Purposeful

Connections on a

Global Scale

Prioritizing Purposeful Living & Personalized Experiences

Prioritizing Purposeful Living & Personalized Experiences

At ResHub, we believe the community experience should not look the same for every resident simply because they pay a standard monthly fee.

We designed the award-winning ResHub as a unique resident experience platform to empower residents, families, and team members to create personalized and enhanced senior living experiences that match each unique resident.

It can be said that all technology and innovation is birthed out of a desire to solve a notable and worthwhile human need. ResHub advances senior living innovation and technology purposefully and gives seniors social connection, convenience, accessibility, and an opportunity to remain relevant and involved in the outside world, not just the community where they reside.

But don’t just take our word for it: ResHub won the International AgeTech StartUp of the Year award in 2022, a global competition sponsored by Mediterranean Towers Ventures.

Elevating Biological, Psychological, &

Social Wellness

ResHub is a SaaS-based AgeTech platform powered by extensive wellness, successful aging, and human factors research. We help older adults tailor the day their way and empower them to define and manage inclusion and dignity on their terms.

Our cloud-hosted platform maps to three interconnected indicators of wellness – biological, psychological, and social – and enables senior living providers to deliver a fully connected experience. With social wellness and family inclusion at the forefront, ResHub can drive operational efficiency and revenue growth for care providers.

Creating new ways to help residents engage socially and connect with people inside and outside the community is key. Providing unique tools to help family members create and pay for tailored experiences moves them from the sidelines to engaged participants in driving health and wellbeing. And helping staff be more efficient and informed creates time for meaningful interactions and reduces burnout.

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Chris Brimble

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Sara Kyle

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