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Only ResHub has extended engagement to create experiences that entertain, engage, enable, and empower the resident to tailor the day their way. Unlike other engagement platforms that provide a repository for information, ResHub connects the resident ecosystem–residents, staff, families, and outside services–to help the resident feel connected, valued, and appreciated without being intrusive. At the same time, ResHub simplifies and extends community workflows to create operational excellence.

The result? A positive impact on population health management, a notch up the scale in overall wellness, and a reduction in the cost of care at a national level.

ResHub includes a series of modules that you choose to tailor the experience you want to provide residents, family members, and your staff.

ResHub includes a series of modules that you choose to tailor the experience you want to provide residents, family members, and your staff.

MyHub icon

A mobile platform that gives residents fingertip access to the tools they need to tailor the day their way. With MyHub, residents can access, schedule and even pay for events, calendars, entertainment, games, information boards, family and friends, and additional services, all from the comfort of their apartment.

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A solution that truly helps family members move from the sidelines to full engagement with family members through video calling, picture and message sharing, and calendar scheduling. Our payment gateway enables family members to tailor a resident’s experience and pay for additional services through the platform.

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A data platform that helps your team increase efficiency so they can prioritize more meaningful interactions with residents and family members. Digitized workflows simplify maintenance requests, satisfaction surveys, messaging, and visitor management to reduce employee fatigue and burnout, while access to critical operational reports and dashboards provides resident insights to further enhance care and daily life.

integrated chat & video calling

Integrated Chat & Video Calling

Residents and families can easily contact staff, friends, and family through our senior-friendly user interface, which features chat, video calling, and image sharing. Residents and family members can receive regular updates from the community on activities and events, send images and videos to loved ones, and share moments every day.

Staff can use the in-app staff chat feature to communicate and share information with each other securely while protecting resident and operator data.

Calendaring and lifestyle Coordination

Calendaring and Lifestyle Coordination

Our fully featured lifestyle program module maximizes resident participation in social events and activities at your community thanks to customizable calendars, lifestyle lists, and easily accessible schedules.

Plus, our in-app data platform gathers insights into how residents use, enjoy, and schedule their events and activities.

Third party integration icon

Third-Party Integration

ResHub is designed to be the hub of your senior living community – syncing residents, families, staff, and care. We pre-integrate ResHub with Customer Relation Management (CRM) software, care management systems, and other programs that are integral to your resident experience.

visitor scheduling icon

Visitor Scheduling

The fully automated scheduling feature allows family members to plan their visits on their own terms with options to view resident availability, types of visits, and finalize their plans with the self-book feature. Visitor scheduling saves staff members time, enhances processing, and boosts satisfaction – for everyone.

maintenance & service requests icon

Maintenance & Service Requests

Simplify communication between staff and residents by allowing residents to send in maintenance requests, quickly send a specialist to fix the problem, and increase productivity, efficiency, and resident satisfaction. Maintenance requests can be sent in just a few clicks, creating a well-structured environment, and increasing awareness of maintenance issues within your community.

Survey Center icon

Survey Center

Staff can create surveys, choose the target audience, publish and review results, and share critical information to promote efficiency, resident wellness, and positive reviews.

It’s easy to send surveys directly to families and residents to gather personal feedback regarding resident experience and how your community can improve in order to drive revenue, boost service quality, and increase resident wellness.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics icon

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

With ResHub, you have the power of smarter, faster decision-making at your fingertips. Each integrated module feeds data into a robust set of analytics to make reporting and predictive healthcare easier. Your caregivers benefit from predictive wellbeing models to identify and address unspoken care needs. In addition, your staff can run quality and regulatory reports quickly and efficiently, and compare data across communities to benchmark wellbeing.

Additional Services and Gifting icon

Additional Services and Gifting

A truly unique feature, ResHub digitizes internal and external offerings and links a payment method to help personalize a resident’s experience. With the click of a button, residents and family members can order and pay for services –from salon appointments, room service ordering, and customized TV packages and content to services outside the community to customize an experience. Residents love this because it simplifies any ordering process; family members love it because it allows them to purchase gifts and services for their loved ones.

Additional Services and Gifting icon

Additional Features

  • VoiceAssist is an AI-trained voice assistant to simplify resident interactions. 
  • Content aggregation delivers one-click access to content (Eldercate, Spiro100, CoroHealth, SilverMemories, Wowzitude)
  • Nurse call system integration  puts notifications at the fingertips of staff members. 

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