April 11, 2023

How a Wellness Engagement Platform Improves Resident Experience & Connection

Elderly woman laughing and smiling

Successful wellness programs use engagement and experience platforms to engage residents, improve health and happiness, and increase resident satisfaction, occupancy, and profitable outcomes. Industry research has found that successful wellness management should consider an individual’s biological, psychological, and social health. 

But let’s face it, with staffing shortages, caregivers can only leverage a holistic wellness approach if you remove something else from their task list. Powerful new engagement platforms offer new hope that helps caregivers:

  • Support and monitor resident wellness and reablement (in line with their care plan)
  • Monitor/evaluate, take action, and report on care responses pertaining to resident wellness and reablement
  • Obtain a real-time picture of the resident’s care status, ability, and risk
  • Communicate with other team members, residents, and families
  • Replace tedious tasks with automated information 

With a global perspective of senior living communities and care homes, ResHub is a research-driven resident experience and wellness engagement platform that puts the resident at the center of their overall wellbeing. Our software delivers critical information to the entire resident ecosystem – caregivers, residents, families, and staff – to help extend social wellbeing past the four walls of your senior living community. 

By adopting a holistic approach to wellness, our resident experience platform maps to those three interconnected indicators of wellness – biological, psychological, and social – to help your organization successfully maintain a profitable wellness program.

Biological Wellness

The CDC reports, “a growing body of evidence shows that people with higher patient activation (i.e., the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become actively engaged in their healthcare) have better health outcomes.”

Investing in resident wellness and implementing a wellness engagement platform gives residents the tools to stay physically and mentally active and independent. This improves occupancy rates and allows residents to live fuller lives because of the health and happiness they gain from life enrichment.

ResHub streamlines lifestyle management workflows, removes costly manual effort, and enables staff to enhance offerings with powerful insights into program popularity and resident engagement rates. At the same time, family members receive proactive updates automatically to inform them about their loved one’s daily activities.

Integrate with Your Care Software

ResHub is designed to be the hub of your senior living community – syncing residents, families, staff, and care. We pre-integrate ResHub with Customer Relation Management (CRM) software, care management systems, and other programs that are integral to your residents’ overall experiences. This, in turn, increases staff productivity because all the information and data they need is in one easy-to-use platform.

Psychological Wellness

Senior living communities report the same resident challenges and needs: They want to be individually known, easily heard, and connected to the local community. Researchers have found that the absence of distress doesn’t necessarily indicate a person has high psychological wellbeing. A person with high psychological wellbeing feels capable, well-supported, needed, and satisfied with life.

ResHub is a proven resident experience and wellness engagement platform that extends engagement to become a way for residents to tailor the day their way. 

Purposeful living means engaging in the things that bring passion and joy to everyday life. With ResHub’s customizable features, residents can tailor their days with activities and create set schedules and routines. Lifestyle lists allow for the creation of single or recurring events within a calendar so residents can prioritize their favorite programs or experience new opportunities. ResHub gives the resident an active role in their wellness journey, increasing their sense of worth and overall resident satisfaction.

Social Wellness

A report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) found that nearly one-fourth of adults over the age of 65 are considered to be socially isolated or experience feelings of loneliness. As a result, social isolation impacts a person’s physical and mental health, decreases longevity, and reduces their quality of life. 

Creating new ways to help residents engage socially and connect with people inside and outside the community is vital. ResHub’s resident experience and wellness engagement platform combats social isolation by providing real-time opportunities for connecting with family, friends, and the senior living community. In addition, unique tools help family members create and pay for tailored experiences, moving them from the sidelines to engaged participants in driving health and wellness. 

Drive Wellness, Improve Efficiency and Revenue

All of this improves staff efficiency, making more time for meaningful interactions, reducing employee burnout, and creating potential revenue-generating opportunities. With ResHub, your community can curate a list of a la carte services inside and outside the community, and our integrated payment system makes it easy for family members to order and pay. While enhancing resident wellness, operators can choose to take a small percentage of this revenue to augment costs.

Create a Connection Hub for Your Senior Living Community

Transparency is crucial for families and residents and is an aspect of senior living that is often overlooked. By offering residents and their family members the ability to stay connected and receive regular updates, ResHub is paving the way for families to have an interactive, firsthand look into their loved one’s senior living experience.

Beyond virtual connection, ResHub’s resident experience and wellness engagement platform makes it easy for families and staff to coordinate community visits. Not only does it boost family satisfaction and increase resident connection, but it can save staff hours and enhance infection control processes. For instance, family members are able to view visit types, whether it be a walk through the garden or lunch in the dining room, as well as view the availability of their loved one to ensure their visit doesn’t overlap with a planned event or activity. In addition, they can self-book their visit time, allowing the resident, staff, and visitor to be informed and prepared.

Founded on Successful Aging Research

We created ResHub to advance senior living innovation and technology purposefully and give older adults connections, convenience, accessibility, and an opportunity to remain relevant and involved in the outside world, not just the community where they reside. 

ResHub is centered around wellness, and our resident experience and wellness engagement platform offers a resident-focused solution, allowing a personalized experience that promotes experience, engagement, and enhancement. 

We invite you to schedule a free demo (Link to Request a Demo page) and let us show you how ResHub can customize our resident experience solutions to empower residents, engage families, and improve the staff experience at your senior living community.